We offer a wide range of services to our clients whether they are an individual or whether they are a business. Some of the business sectors we serve are as follows:


If you are interested in growing your automobile business we can help.We are experienced in your industry sector. We offer quality service to help you achieve your goals.


This sector is still booming and financial management is the key to success for this sector as it requires investment and planning. Check out what tools we can offer to assist you with managing your construction business.


Consulting businesses can be quite successful in today’s market.The main objective of this sector is to provide advice to entrepreneurs and individuals,to help with planning and problem solving. We have a wide range of services to help the consulting firm operatemore smoothly.


Contact us to see what we offer you.There is a great deal of excellent software to help you ship, receive, store and track goods.


Taxation of the entertainment business can be very complex, especially if cross border transactions are involved. Be aware of incentives and tax credits that are available to the entertainment industry. Contact us to getreliable advice.

Food & Beverages

Bringing food and beverages to the consumers’ table is a multi-step process. From the producer to the consumer, you need a competent accounting professional to work closely with you to provide ideas and to evaluate opportunities.


Make sure you get all of the taxation benefits of healthcare expenditures. Have our experts assist you in evaluating the tax costs and benefits of health insurance.

Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

Oatax advisors are experienced in bringing together investors and sellers operating in the hospitality industry. We create solutions that combine knowledge of tax and accounting regulations to get you an optimum result.


We offer reporting solutions that you require in your manufacturing processes from the build to the marketing. You cannot make informed decisions if you don’t know the score.


Contact us after having looked at what we offer for you.


Your retail business is taking lot of your time. You would better prefer to fix us deal with your accounts.


Check in to see what we have to offer for schools and students.


Visit us to grow upon your transportation. Be it your T1 or any other with regard to your business.

Textile & Exportation

We give you wide variety of support from doing your payroll to filing your taxes. Come visit us to see what we offer.