We offer reporting solutions that you require in your manufacturing processes from the build to the marketing. You cannot make informed decisions if you don’t know the score.

Operating Structure

If you are a new business of an existing business you need to know the type of business entities that are available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Day to day operations

There is a host of information that you require on a daily basis to keep your business performing at optimal levels. You need to know who owes you money, who you owe money to and when these amounts are due. You need to know all of your assets and liabilities. You need to be able to measure your performance. You need to know which jobs make you money and which jobs do not.

Special Requirements

The manufacturing industry has requirements that differ from other industries. They have inventory management requirements. Bills of material, purchase requirements, inventory on hand, inventory required for orders on hand, minimum order quantity levels, product lead times, product sourcing and alternative sourcing, parts used and alternative parts and quality control are some issues facing the manufacturing industry.

Taxation and reporting

The reporting for taxation and other bodies include, personal tax, corporate tax, Worksafe reports, GST reports, employee deduction and payroll reports, T4’s and T5’ .In addition, special reports may be required by customers and by product certification agencies.

How we can help

  • First of all, we can help you select the business form to use in your business. We will evaluate your needs and recommend the right form keeping in mind the current operations and the projected operations.
  • We can provide you cash flow data to help you determine your requirements for working capital. We can assist you in obtaining bank financing. We can assist in preparing budgets to guide your growth.
  • We can prepare financial statements and tax returns as required and on time.
  • We can analyze your requirement for computer systems and software. Alternatively we can prepare the information you require in our offices. Our professional personnel are always happy to help.
  • We can provide you with inventory costing information, payable and receivable management and manufacturing data. This data would be available to you in a cloud environment.

What to do

Call our office for an appointment for a free initial consultation or we can arrange to go to your office. If you are a new business, we can help you with required registrations and provide you needed advice. If you are an existing business, a second opinion can never hurt.